Time & Cost savings

We allow business houses to replace large and frequent capital expenditures associated with cyber security tools

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Superior & Reliable Support

Our support team is here to make sure your things run smoothly, so you can get on with other things that you do best.

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Solutions & Services

Logextend Networks is delivering world class secure networks across all market sectors. Our solutions and services

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Grow your Business

Cyber Security issue has become so significant in many organizations that the business leadership focus

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How it works

Cyber Security is greatest challenge in today’s world and protecting business becoming more challenging. With constant attack of massive data breaches and devastating security compromises, organizations are worried about their data and network security.We work with people to understand psychology to protect their business and provide custom made solutions around it.Our professionals integrate the technology that the client currently uses with our expertise, to create secure business network. Collecting logs and data from diverse sources and analyzing that data to proactively identify threats and eliminate critical vulnerabilities.

Reach Everywhere

Deploy your digital infrastructure anywhere you need to be.

Interconnect Everyone

Discover and reach anyone on demand through one connection to the world.

Integrate Everything

Bring people, data and things together in previously impossible ways.

Why Logextend

We Combine Professionals, Advanced Technologies, Robust processes strategically into end-to-end security structure as service portfolio:

  • Global representation with a local presence
  • Dedicated Engineers with expert backend support
  • Real-time on-site or off-site support with round the clock monitoring and support
  • Professional experts in mitigating risks, implementing controls, and developing customized strategies & solutions
  • Advanced skilled professionals to provided personalized services and support to each business, ensuring all regulatory and compliance needs

Human Intelligence in a world of unemotional Artificial Intelligence

Automation is at the threshold of revolutionizing the world of work. But Technology can’t replace the human touch. Definitely a machine can perform a given task more efficiently than we can, but it lacks uniquely human ability to cater to the needs of the individual. AI may suggest one approach, but a person who is good at their job understands when to adjust and deliver precisely that is required. Certainly, technology is moving forward but some things remain fundamental, and people-to-people communication is one of them. Just because the tech is available, doesn’t mean it’s always going to be the best option in every situation. We still need that human touch that can mentally, physically and emotionally show the presence and work with you to extend your business capabilities to enhance great organizational values & missions.

“That’s why We are here for you”

News & Events

Cyber Security, Need of the hour

New technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things are having both positive and negative effects in terms of network & Cyber security. On one side they are helpful in creating advanced cybersecurity but on other hand they also drive the scale and complexity of cyber attacks. Businesses have every reason to be […]

Significance of Cloud Security in Today’s world

Businesses are now moving to the cloud from on-premise environments where application version upgrades happens easily and quickly. Current cloud environment is a “DevOps” world which embraces CD-CI (Continuous Development- Continuous Integration) strategy. People who write the code are responsible for pushing it to production as well. The problem is, those who are making changes […]

Cyber Hygiene – a key aspect of Prevention strategy

Most of the network & cyber threats, organizations are facing now-a-days can be prevented by maintaining basic Cyber Hygiene. With known threats, we believe that companies should develop and maintain cyber hygiene, as an effective and persistent cyber security policy. In order to achieve this, there are specific steps that need to be followed. Firstly, […]