About Us


Our unique services and expertise are 100% focused on transforming your IT landscape and enabling your digital business growth.

Founded in 2018, Logextend establishing itself as one of leading IT service provider for small, mid-size and enterprise clients, our focus on service quality and delivery that customers trust and depend upon.

We deliver a full range of services, from infrastructure, cyber-security to DevOps. Our flexible approach, vast experience and way of working enable us to Design, develop, protect, Secure and support optimum changes to be secure, when you need it.

Our clients receive outstanding service with a personal touch, combining a positive experience with the kind of expertise and professionalism that delivers the very best results for the organizations in fast pace and dynamic environments worldwide.

We know ‘Care’ is what we want as consumers and what we strive for is providing quality, memorable service experiences to customers. We believe that promoting and fostering the value of human touch through engaged, connected people is more important.  We follow customer-centric approach so that the customer is always placed at the heart of everything. It’s not just the products and services we offer, but the overall customer experience plays a differentiator role for us. In a world where more and more things are becoming dematerialized, we are known for the best convenience and experience we provide to our customers.

Time & Cost Savings:

We allow business houses to replace large and frequent capital expenditures associated with cyber security tools and their maintenances with predictable and less ongoing operational costs. Businesses can leverage our managed security services to provide round the clock coverage to their networks with this platform you can save your time and money while serving your customers. We often fulfill staffing and diverse security skill sets need by distributing the cost to a broad base of clients, providing a shared service so that each customer does not need to bear the cost alone. For smaller organizations, we provide access to expertise and technology that would be financially impossible for them to build in-house.By tailoring a program specifically for each company’s unique needs, we are able to maximize return on investment while addressing the utmost priorities.

Superior & Reliable Support:

Our support team is here to make sure your things run smoothly, so you can get on with other things that you do best.By partnering with us, you can reduce the requirements and risks associated with maintaining your network & cyber security program. With risks and monitoring being handled by professionals, our executives are able to serve customers, engage employees, deliver value to shareholders and live up to company’s mission.We maintain leading-edge, advanced security technologies tested across many organizations in diverse geographies handling a variety of threats. Logextend Networks have the responsibility of providing their customers assurance that their organization is protected through integrated, tested and proven technology accompanied with well-defined service level agreements.

Solutions & Services:

Logextend Networks is delivering world class secure networks across all market sectors. Our solutions and services cover following key areas:

  • SME Information Technology Support
  • Cloud Services
  • On-Site & remote support
  • Next-Generation Networking
  • Advanced Cyber Security

Services offered by us include Infrastructure, Network management, Firewall management, SIEM solutions, SDWAN, endpoint protection, vulnerability scans, web application vulnerability monitoring, logging and monitoring and configuration management etc.Our professionals are specialists in their field and have expertise in managing risk, implementing controls, and developing customized security strategies for each individual company. We have dedicated staff to provide personalized cybersecurity services to each business, ensuring they meet all regulatory and compliance needs as well as mitigating all of the top risks.

Grow Your Business:

Cyber Security issue has become so significant in many organizations that the business leadership focus have been shifted from executing the company mission of making money and serving its customers to create a reliable secure organization. More often in-house cybersecurity professionals focus on latest and greatest tools, implementing security for the sake of security by adding unnecessary feature to your secure layer make it vulnerable to business and disconnecting from real business needs.Partnering with us businesses can reduce the requirements associated with maintaining a cybersecurity program, allowing their executives to focus onto core business needs. This in turn helps organization to serve customers well, deliver value to its shareholders and grow their business.

we are happy to assist you

With in-depth knowledge of networking and cybersecurity concerns, our professional consultants and dedicated support staff are available round the clock to cater your needs. We provide an oversight of your company’s security systems and processes withreal time cloud based IT monitoring. The menu of services we usually offer include setting up security on the infrastructure, ensuring regulatory compliance, monitoring all threats round the clock, and maintaining strong data protection.We strongly believe that language should not be a barrier in serving our customers. That’s why we offer true multilingual support and services to our customers. We are happy to serve you Any Time AnyWhere Any Language.