Cyber Hygiene – a key aspect of Prevention strategy

Most of the network & cyber threats, organizations are facing now-a-days can be prevented by maintaining basic Cyber Hygiene. With known threats, we believe that companies should develop and maintain cyber hygiene, as an effective and persistent cyber security policy. In order to achieve this, there are specific steps that need to be followed. Firstly, companies should assess the exposed risks of the entire organization and maturity of its cyber security capability. Secondly, they should make conventional defenses like firewalls and antivirus software an integral part of an organization’s security lineup. By this they can simply block the majority of standard attacks on IT systems, and curb malware spread. Last but the most important step, educating employees on cyber security and potential threats. This is most vital layer of cyber hygiene, as hackers often exploit the human factor to pinpoint vulnerabilities and obtain network access. Furthermore, it is important for enterprises to deploy such products and IT solutions that are more secure by design. And they should ensure that robust defense systems are in place to secure their key assets and critical data.