Significance of Cloud Security in Today’s world

Businesses are now moving to the cloud from on-premise environments where application version upgrades happens easily and quickly. Current cloud environment is a “DevOps” world which embraces CD-CI (Continuous Development- Continuous Integration) strategy.

People who write the code are responsible for pushing it to production as well. The problem is, those who are making changes within cloud environments are not trained security professionals. Their lack of expertise brings additional risk, especially with new technologies.
One of the surveys conducted on more than one million cloud resources, processing petabytes of network traffic in public cloud infrastructure, suggests that around 4 million records including protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII) were exposed because best practices like encryption and access control aren’t enforced. The problem isn’t in cloud providers failing to secure data centers, but in organizations failing to secure their applications, networks, data, services, and their users that use the cloud infrastructure. Researchers found that almost 80% of databases left unencrypted in the public cloud.
These threats make businesses that are in transition to the cloud or already in cloud, to make robust cloud security. For this reason, it is essential for organizations to work with a cloud security provider that offers best-in-class cloud security that has been customized for their infrastructure. Cloud security provides multiple levels of controls within the network infrastructure in order to provide continuity and protection for cloud-based assets.