Cyber Security, Need of the hour

New technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things are having both positive and negative effects in terms of network & Cyber security. On one side they are helpful in creating advanced cybersecurity but on other hand they also drive the scale and complexity of cyber attacks. Businesses have every reason to be concerned as the threat landscape continues to grow due to these advanced technologies.
In Today’s world attacks are getting easier and cheaper to launch, and more complex to face. Most of the organizations, especially small- to midsized businesses, either don’t plan their security architecture or have immature security strategies. Organizations should create multilayer defense system to fight against cyber security threats. If one is bypassed, another layer is able to provide defense. If an attacker finds a way past the first layer, they can’t get past all the subsequent defenses, since each layer is slightly different than the other.
Cyber threat is evolving at an alarming pace, without the necessary protections these threats could quickly destroy a business, costing millions of dollars in the process. Managed security service providers (MSSP) are able to mitigate and manage these cybersecurity threats, providing numerous advantages over an in-house security team. They maintain leading-edge, advanced security technologies tested across many organizations in diverse geographies handling a variety of threats.